IT outsourcing and co-sourcing services

We deliver completely flexible outsourced IT services to the most agile, forward-thinking businesses. Outsourcing is the highest level of service we provide to our customers. We deliver our services at whatever level feels right for you. 

Simple IT outsourcing

We provide supportive IT strategies shaped around your business. We can host it, manage it, build it, deliver it – in house, off-site, with your team or without them. Our services work around the component parts of your business – people, infrastructure and applications – delivered through the proven, best-in-classITIL framework.

Complete flexibility

We can take responsibility for a particular area of your business IT, and if your business changes, our service can flex to accommodate you. We do it immediately and for long-term.

Briefly we provide:

  • Complex technical support and IT-Outsource;
  • Hardware and software support;
  • Office equipment maintenance;
  • Antivirus protection;
  • Provision of Information security;
  • Ensuring work with user queries (dispatching service);
  • Servers support and administration;
  • Corporate Email service administration;
  • Network protection from unauthorized access;
  • Corporate LAN administration.


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