“Abigon” team consists of IT professionals and certified specialists in different areas of IT. Our engineers have an expertise in designing, installation and support of complex IT-infrastructures.

We develop complex solutions for organizations of all sizes. We offer the newest technological solutions from world leading IT companies to provide more effective and reliable administration of corporate business-processes.


Understanding and the right approach to customers’ problems, developing individual solutions and realizing them with the high quality are the main values of our work.

We provide high levels of interaction with the customers, trainings and consulting services as well as ongoing technical support which are also the key components to increase the efficiency and stability of corporate informational systems and employees’ productivity.


We deliver complex solutions which entirely meet your technical needs and provide the reliability of IT-infrastructure and so caring of your business success.

Types of activity

  • Providing complex solutions for designing IT networks.
  • Developing infrastructures for large networks.
  • Design and Construction of structural cabling for buildings.
  • Design, construction and support of WiFi/WiMax networks.
  • Developing of multifunctional (multiservice) networks, corporate audio-video systems.
  • Integration and support of Informational Systems.
  • Providing Informational security and systems parametrical security.
  • Providing solutions for informational infrastructure control and monitoring systems.
  • Providing complex technical support and IT-outsource.
  • Developing, installation and support of applications (programs).
  • IT consulting, IT business systems preparation and accomplishment.


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